Two Weddings

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a bit…so, what have I been up to?

Last month I photographed two very different weddings.  The first took place at The Beachmoor, one of my absolute favorite beachy wedding spots.  Sharon and Marc, the bride and groom were a delight to work with, so laid back and appreciative.  The weather was such a surprise.



It was raining buckets as I drove down from Boston.  When I met Sharon in Sandwich where she was getting ready it continued to pour.  As we drove to the wedding site in Buzzards Bay, a mere four miles away, the rain miraculously stopped at the Cape Cod Canal.  It turned out to be a perfect day for photos as you can see.

The second wedding took place in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Lauren,who is the daughter of dear college friends of mine got married at Sunnyside Farm.  Lauren and Chris timed the wedding just right.  The foliage was gorgeous.  Image

Sunnyside Farm which is still family-owned is a wonderful rambling, old-fashioned house. The local veterinarian resided there with his family for many years and the family’s personal effects fill the house.  A great place to spend one’s wedding weekend agreed Lauren and Chris.  Grace the dog agreed too.


About Renée DeKona

I have worked as a photojournalist at both the Boston Herald and The Cape Cod Times. I am currently working as a Free-lance photographer shooting website projects, portraits, weddings, and historic projects.
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