Trouble with Cupcakes

Photographing a plate of cupcakes sounds so simple.  However, last week in the broiling heat it wasn’t.  The first bakery I went to had no air-conditioning…the bakers and the cupcakes were both melting.   Bakery no.2  was disappointing with drab cupcakes.

The following day I knew to special order pink, yellow and white cupcakes in advance.  I photographed them in the comfort of the air-conditioned bakery, however the rush of wind current from the air-conditioning made the candle flames nearly horizontal (requiring later photo-shopping).

The last attempt was on my back porch where I set up a make-shift studio with white seamless background.   I whisked the cupcakes out of the fridge into the broiling heat….lit the candles, and success at last.   They tasted good,too.

About Renée DeKona

I have worked as a photojournalist at both the Boston Herald and The Cape Cod Times. I am currently working as a Free-lance photographer shooting website projects, portraits, weddings, and historic projects.
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