Fun with the Boys

Kids are a delight to photograph…but you’ve got to be quick, they can change on a dime.  These boys were full of energy and constantly on the move….I think I managed to capture their fun, bubbly vibe.

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Two Weddings

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a bit…so, what have I been up to?

Last month I photographed two very different weddings.  The first took place at The Beachmoor, one of my absolute favorite beachy wedding spots.  Sharon and Marc, the bride and groom were a delight to work with, so laid back and appreciative.  The weather was such a surprise.



It was raining buckets as I drove down from Boston.  When I met Sharon in Sandwich where she was getting ready it continued to pour.  As we drove to the wedding site in Buzzards Bay, a mere four miles away, the rain miraculously stopped at the Cape Cod Canal.  It turned out to be a perfect day for photos as you can see.

The second wedding took place in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Lauren,who is the daughter of dear college friends of mine got married at Sunnyside Farm.  Lauren and Chris timed the wedding just right.  The foliage was gorgeous.  Image

Sunnyside Farm which is still family-owned is a wonderful rambling, old-fashioned house. The local veterinarian resided there with his family for many years and the family’s personal effects fill the house.  A great place to spend one’s wedding weekend agreed Lauren and Chris.  Grace the dog agreed too.


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julie page

I got inspired to use an intense blue backdrop when I saw the shirt that Julie W. wore to the shoot.  I think it looks great with her complexion.  We also took photos in the Arboretum since she’s a real nature lover.

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Mike Dukakis: A Guy You’ve Got to Respect

Recently, the former Governor of Massachusetts joined a panel titled “Why Swing States Matter” at Suffolk University along with former Representative Peter Blute and pollster David Paleologos.  It was refreshing that for his segment of the presentation Dukakis talked about the two things that currently disturb him most on the American political scene.  The  existence and increasing irrelevance of the Electoral College and last year’s Supreme Court decision Citizen’s United vs. the FEC.


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Portraits of Women

Women are such fun to photograph.  It is amazing how many looks one woman can have as lighting and attire changes. Then add in random accessories to make the photo more visually interesting.

As the shoot proceeds we collaborate and decide together what works, and what doesn’t work.

I hope each woman ends up feeling really great about the end result.


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Beverly Beach Wedding

Deb and Henry celebrated their union with a simple, sweet and very personal ceremony while boaters zoomed by waving good wishes.  They are clearly crazy about each other.

After the ceremony, they greeted their friends:

Went for a walk on the beach…..

And then just hung out looking fabulous:

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The Mayor’s Got Rhythm

Downtown Crossing in Boston on a Summer afternoon.  As usual it was truly a “crossing” of all different sorts of people as they went about their day’s business.  This day was a little different.  Mayor Menino and Suffolk U’s President James McCarthy and others were there to celebrate the opening of a new restaurant The Back Deck which is know for it’s grilled food.   A band played, speeches were made, and a cake resembling a barbecue was cut up and shared with the crowd.  Mayor Menino, in a playful mood, announced each speaker with a drum roll.

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Beets, Lettuce,Tomatoes…and a Book


The Roslindale Farmers’ Market is into it’s 29th season.  Many familiar faces…among them Kimberly and her young helpers at the Fornax booth; Glenn W. running the music, and of course, the farmers.  It’s a community gathering as usual.  The produce seems to get better and more varied each year; the Neighborhood Farm had an amazing 37 varieties of garlic.

Last season I was inspired to photograph the market and put together a book which can be found at:Roslindale Farmer’s Market Book

This summer I have been photographing the market again and I’ll be coming out with a revised version of the book for the holiday season.

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Trouble with Cupcakes

Photographing a plate of cupcakes sounds so simple.  However, last week in the broiling heat it wasn’t.  The first bakery I went to had no air-conditioning…the bakers and the cupcakes were both melting.   Bakery no.2  was disappointing with drab cupcakes.

The following day I knew to special order pink, yellow and white cupcakes in advance.  I photographed them in the comfort of the air-conditioned bakery, however the rush of wind current from the air-conditioning made the candle flames nearly horizontal (requiring later photo-shopping).

The last attempt was on my back porch where I set up a make-shift studio with white seamless background.   I whisked the cupcakes out of the fridge into the broiling heat….lit the candles, and success at last.   They tasted good,too.

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The Future of Downtown Crossing

Howard Elkus who is an internationally known architect and urban designer recently showed some inspirational slides of what he envisions Downtown Crossing could become.  This area has architectural gems everywhere you turn, and a good pedestrian mall yet it still hasn’t fully returned to it’s glory days when it was the place to go in Boston.  The event was held at the newly refurbished Modern Theatre.

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